Ideally the whole process for Brides & Bridesmaids will take 6-12 months, although at present we are able to take bookings 8 months in advance. Occasion dresses can be produced in a shorter time frame, depending on the requirement. Usually 4/5 weeks depending on availabilty to fit.


At your first consultation, we discuss styles, fabric ideas, any tares you have collected and review our reference library & piece together the elements which you like. We offer guidence where required with regards to suitablity of fabrics & design elements which work together.  Any veil requirement or head piece can be discussed also. Nina can work from any inspiration or ideas you may have, but can also guide you in your selection process using our vast inspiration library. This part of the process can be in person or via email, depending on your availability.


Once we have a collection of references and idea of fabric Nina then Sketches into the references and presents approximately 4 designs for you to consider. Further amendments can be made untill we reach your perfect design.


On finalising your design, we take your body measurements and make up a toile (mock up of your dress). Toiles are made in a basic fabric, generally Calico with similar drape quality to your chosen fabric so that fit and design can be perfected prior to cutting the actual fabric.


During your first fitting the toile will be fitted & we will discuss any alterations to fit, design & refine any embellishment details by pinning or drawing their positions. This allows for greater flexibility to tweak & perfect!


Once you are entirely happy with the design and fit, we will cut the dress in the fabric you have selected and you will then be fitted & any final detailing will be added.


Notes for the bride...


Wear a something slim fitting or a vest for your measurement meeting so that we can measure you accurately. 


For your toile fitting it is a good idea to have the underwear you intend to wear on your big day & have an idea of shoe hight.

You must have your shoes & underwear for the actual fabric fitting.